What's the name of this Movie?

I read this on a personal blog on a website, it was something like 'My Top 10 scary movies' and there was movie I read about on the list that entrigued me but now I can't remember it.

The plot was about an actress who loves to act, but soon starts to take her roles too seriously and starts to hallucinate and lose touch with relaity. It's like she's drawn into her roles. There are distortions in this movie. There are also people wearing animal masks and dancing around.

It wasn't a really 'famous' movie. It was kinda of a B+ kinda movie that never went to theaters. The title is 2 words.

Please help! Thank you in advance as well! :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    in the move black swan there is a balerina who wants the role of the black swan. she getas halucinatons...

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