What random acts of kindness do you engage in?

Have you ever hung around to see the reaction of the person? Have you ever been the beneficiary of an act of random kindness?

I brought in breakfast for five of my co-workers who all pitched in on one of my accounts while I was away from my job on a family matter.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I hold doors open (especially for people with their hands full, like pushing a stroller for ex.), let people walk before me.

    In school I help my peers out if they are struggling on a project. I listen to people if they are having a problem. If I have extras of something that I don't need I lend them out. Like...I had a bunch of palette knives for painting, I didn't need them all so I gave them to my friends.

    I also donate my clothes, books, furniture that I have no need for.

    I don't think of random acts of kindness just for people, but the environment, because in the end...the way the environment is boomerang's back to society and whether we deal with global warming, liter, how animals and nature live.

    If I buy a thing or two at a store I don't ask for a bag, I try to reduce the use of plastic that way, and if I use plastic, I recycle it.

    I use a refillable water bottle, not plastic.

    If I need to stop at a store down the street, I bike, don't drive.

    I can go on all day. I hope that gives you a good idea.

  • 8 years ago

    Remembering things someone likes and surprising them with it for no reason. They always seem so happy right after.

    There really is "more happiness in giving than receiving"!

  • 8 years ago

    I hold doors open for people, give up my seat on the bust/train etc if someone else needs it more, help people with their bags if I them them struggling. That sort of thing.

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