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Maladaptive daydreaming!!!! Is it a bad thing or not?

Most will yell therapist but I'm not the type to "share" my feelings I tried it a couple times when I was diagnosed with severe social anxiety. They say its caused by abuse and yes I was molested by my older brother from 5-8 and ever since then I've been obsessed with sex male and female fantasy wise, I even remember in elementary school daydreaming about looking up a female teacher skirt. I've gotten worse with my daydreaming to the point where my fantasy's started blending into reality and not in a crazy way because I can differentiate reality and daydreaming but in a different way for instance I had been daydreaming about this guy I knew who was dating my older cousin and one day I told my friend about him and before I knew it I was telling her about all the things we done and even let her talk to what she "believed" was to be him on the phone. Nowadays I don't really speak specifically of my dreams to friends but I might refer to something I done way back when with one of my characters, but anymore my daydreams mainly revolve around sex or they lead up to it. Most of my dreams become very elaborate so much that I actually turned one into a short story, I spend hours upon hours dreaming and sometimes I just lay in the bed for hours before I go to sleep and daydream and when I wake up I do the same, any little spare time I have I find myself doing it and now it seems to come so naturally that (about to sound crazy) I'm not really thinking about what the other persons response would be it just kind of happens like right now I'm reading this aloud in my head and I can tell its my own voice but in my daydreams it's not like that its almost as if its real life as if you have a conversation with another person and you ask how their day is your not going to say in your head okay she's going to say its horrible because this or that happened its like my characters have a mind of their own and its so life like, personally I love being able to "live" out my fantasies easily

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    It is an effective coping mechanism uring and immediately following times of trauma, but when it gets to the point that you lose touch with reality (most never do) or it interferes with your ability to get your daily responsibilities met, including keeping up on hygiene, school or work, healthy eating, etc when it becomes a problem, then it is a problem.

    When it isn't working for you anymore, when you don't need to escape anymore, when it's time to face reality, when it's no longer serving a useful purpose - but you find you can't stop - then it can do more harm than good.

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    Hey how are you<3?Haha I saw this question in my inbox and its one of those that I have to answer :p mostly because I daydream a lot and I'm big on studying all things related to psychology and well yea. Hmm I wouldn't say it's a bad thing at all daydreaming let's you explore yourself more and find out things you never knew about yourself or find out the reasons why you do certain things and what causes it. It's also a way to relieve yourself of too much stress and plan ahead for future stuff. Now I guess it's like everything that anything of too much is bad so If a person gets to the point where they are doing it excessively and at the wrong times or have just lost themselves in their daydreams and lost touch with reality then yea it's very bad xD but other than that let yourself go and just imagine anything there's no limits ands no one to tell you what to do ;b

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