Can you play and active bass through a guitar amp?

I have a Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe Series (MIM). I use this bass for practicing only and it works fine with my Hartke HD210C HyDrive Bass Combo Amplifier and Rockman Bass Ace Headphone...

However when trying to play through 2 different guitar amps there is no sound at all. Anyone have any idea as to why there is no sound. I already know that you should not play bass through a guitar amp, but we did not have a bass amp at the time and was only going using the guitar amp as a quick and dirty instructional tool at a very low volume.

As I stated there is no problem with the bass itself, after I got back home and plugged into my equipment it works fine...

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  • 8 years ago
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    Depends on the diameter of the lo speaker of the guitar amp and how many watts it puts out. Sometimes the lows you were hitting could not be reproduced by the guitar amp, but only the lows capable of a larger speaker. The reason why guitar amps break when someone tries to play a bass on it is because the small guitar amp is attempting to produce a sound outside of its frequency range, so you are physically stretching the limits of the guitar amp.

  • 8 years ago

    Only if you want to destroy it.

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