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Why does our government enable illegal immigrants?

I don't understand why we allow them to come over and cause more problems than we already have. I don't care if they are "people just like us". Texas is crawling with illegal immigrants from Mexico. And they expect us to learn their language to speak to them instead of them speaking English to us.

I just read that illegal immigrants are allowed to have drivers licenses and its okay. Also, the government has set aside a whole lot of money specifically for the illegal immigrants. The majority of them come here, join gangs, rape, and bring their crime as well.

I feel like our government is babying everyone and enabling everyone. We are getting terrorist attacks in our country, murders, shootings, and yet people just go to jail for 15+ years and then they're free and fine. Why should we pay for all that?

Eventually if we continue letting all these illegals in the country we won't have room for anyone.

If they want to come here, learn our language, be respectful, and immerse themselves in american ways then that is awesome, good for them! But don't try to turn this into the little crap hole they came from.

Please, no arguments on "they just want to better their lives" because there's a difference between someone coming here legally and making the effort to follow our laws and respect our country, than ones who come here illegally and cause problems.

I don't care how long the process is to become a citizen. Don't be lazy or don't come here.

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    The real problem here is that these days

    the GOV is run by GREED INC.

    and GREED INC. really loves that cheap labor of

    illegal immigrants.

    That is about the size of it......

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  • 7 years ago

    Obama wants voters for the Dem party, to ensure it stays in power forever.

    Big business wants cheap labor. Flooding the country with new workers will result in more applicants per available job, and demand and supply laws will push down wages. Lower wages = bigger profits.

    In 1986, Reagan said 1mn illegals would be getting amnesty. Turned out actual figure was 2.7mn. Then over the next decade each newly minted citizen sponsored 5 family members on average. Thus

    it has grown to 13-14mn. Source: CBSNews

    NOW in 2013, Obama says 11mn, most likely the figure will be 25mn. Then they will sponsor family members, at least 4 each. So we are looking at minimum 100mn new citizens in next 15-20 yrs. Can you imagine how much down this is going to push wages??

    Not only that, majority of them are barely literate, clearly don't have the means to be productive tax paying citizens and will most likely live off welfare funded by taxpayers.

    Even further, Obama wants to grant amnesty without first securing the border. He also wants granting citizenship to these illegals to not be dependent upon the border first secured, and even wants those already caught and deported to be invited back to America, if they have relatives here.

    During his re-election campaign, his party was even running ads in Spanish on TV (in Mexico) urging future illegals to cross over to the US and instructing them on how to apply for food stamps and other taxpayer funded benefits. Google it if you don't believe this!

    And lastly, Obama is desperate to have Congress pass this amnesty law as quickly as possible, before the American citizens have a chance to get to read it and understand what a horrible disaster this is going to be for our beloved country.

    Source(s): news sources and my brother who's a student over at Harvard's
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  • Frank
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    7 years ago

    Yeah! The government shouldn't have made such a long border.

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