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Phil Jackson's Book: MJ > Kobe?

Phil Jackson was the coach of both MJ and Kobe. The comparison between the two SG was detailed by Phil Jackson on his book. Sure looks like MJ is indeed more superior than Kobe.

Kobe fans w0nt like this.......

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    You mean this article.

    To tell you the truth, Kobe is one of my favorite players. Yup! I know about this book and I actually like it. When it comes to basketball, I've got a great respect with Phil Jackson. The man is just a genius. But this book doesnt really changed my respect to Mamba. Why? because having a chance to be compared with His Airness is such a great privileged already.

    By the way, those that claims that 90s is a bad era didnt even see the 90s so how can they can compare, they're just jealous immature idiots that doesnt really understand the game of basketball. So now, lets just put it in a simple manner. Michael played in more of a difficult era, which is the 80s and 90s. Players actually prefer using their skills rather than their athleticism. Their brains and basketball IQ, over their muscle. Outsmarting other players that are stronger and bigger than you rather than nowadays not having a play and just boldozing their way around.. Heart over everything else. Rules are different which favors the bigs more. Things have changed since 2004, ( you can research that) thats why they called this era a "guard dominating league". There are many reasons and arguments that I can tell you why Mike is the greatest player that ever played, but James dumb dumb fans /Immature Laker fans that are in grade school/Bandwagons will be on a riot and going to post like 20,000 questions here (not even a questions) and try to create dumb, immature and closed minded arguments that is not even worth answering.

    Rest my case Carlo. Have a great day

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    Kobetards don't know any better. They just wanna look at all of the "good" performances, but not acknowledge the incredible amount of bad ones. They want to say how he brought Shaq to those rings, but look at his subpar playoff performaces. It's true, when MJ was not having a great scoring night, he would look to facilitate the ball in other ways to get his team involved. Kobe just tries to force the shot when the tough gets going, and that's what causes things like 3/21 shooting nights. It's not a surprise that he's never shot over 46%, while MJ reached about 50 multiple times. Kobe just wants to be "the man," but him always taking ridiculous double or even triple team fade aways to solidify his legacy hasn't helped. The only reason Kobe is going to pass MJ on the scoring list is because of how much longer he's played. It's gonna take him at least 4 extra seasons to pass Jordan's mark, and maybe if he was a little more efficient, he would've passed years ago

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    Wassup Miles I feel you bro I also agree with you, but No Kobe Fan is going to come on here and hit you with proof or logic that Kobe is better because most of them really dont know anything, I even question a lot of users knowledge on the game of Basketball. Just like Mamba said half of these Lakers and Kobe fans here are young kids, who never seen Jordan in action. Look at some of the answers you got so far some of them are answering stuff as simple as "Kobee" or calling Jordan an old man, All immature answers a real Basketball fan will never disrespect MJ like that.

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    No doubt about it. Phil Jackson coached MJ, then Phil Jackson coached Kobe to be SLIGHTLY like him. Even Kobe said that most of what he learned from the NBA came from Jordan (yeah, HE said that). So there's no doubt about it that Kobe, whether you like it or not, is the only NBA player who can come close to MJ. Not surpass him, but come close

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    no, I am a Kobe Fan, and I do believe

    that Jordan have superior Leadership.

    both player is intense but difference is

    Jordan have this swag that team mate just

    trust. Kobe as great as he is, he have trust

    issues and will call you out publically.

    ---- adding ----

    LMAO @ laker fan, you are the reason why people

    think us Laker fans don't know jack about basketball.

    fact is rule is much harder during the 80-90' there is

    a talented big man on almost every team, I can say aournd

    85% of the top 50 player of all time is from the late 80 and

    mid 90's era. lol @ at your 90's has no talent.

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    He only said that because of Kobe's "attitude," I'm sure. In reality, Kobe is far more superior than MJ. There was no talent in the 90's, and Kobe's Lakers would have won as many, if not more, than MJ's six.

    @Eddie. The 90's had talent? You do realize that most of those teams were expansion, and probably D League quality. Reggie Miller is another Peja, Nash is better than Stockton, Malone is the same as KG ect...

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    MJ better then Kobe duhh

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    No surprise there. Everything I say about kobe has just been confirmed by the man who knew him very well. Kobe's game and will to win is because he wanted to be like jordan and have that competitve fire like jordan. Jordan was his own man and set his own path. Kobe is traveling on the same path that jordan has already set but no as well as jordan did it.

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    no question about it

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