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Im not trying to lose weight. Over the past month and a half I've been trying to eat healthier and build strength and cardio endurance, just for the purpose of being healthier. I'm already thin, I have muscle tone because I work out 5-6 days a week plus strength training. This is what I've eaten so far today and what I did for workout.

Breakfast (11 am) Oats or cream of wheat with almond milk and a banana- about 250 cals

*workout* around 12 pm, 35 minutes hard elliptical + strength arm training

Lunch- (2 pm) Ham sandwich on whole grain bread with hummus instead of mayo, a slice of cheese, lettuce, and tomato- about 350 cals

Snack- (4:30 pm) 1 medium apple with 1 1/2 tbsp natural peanut butter- about 250 cals

Dinner will be around 7:30 and will probably be grilled chicken with veggies and some quinoa, if I had to guess itll be about 300 or 400 calories. So, would you consider my fitness and diet routine healthy? I dont keep track of calories, I just monitor what I eat without recording it daily. I also eat what I want on the weekends (not overeating).

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  • 7 years ago
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    At the most you're only eating 1250 calories a day which is pretty much the bare minimum. You also seem very active so you should definitely eat more especially if you're not trying to lose weight. I suggest calculating your bmr here:


    That website will give you an approximate amount of calories you should be consuming daily in order to maintain. Aside from that, the actual meals seem really healthy! Don't listen to the guy who says not to eat peanut butter, peanut butter is amazing! It is also important to have a lot of variety in your diet. Don't be afraid to indulge in cravings for not so healthy things as well on occasion. A healthy diet is all about balance!

    Source(s): I'm also skinny and trying to eat healthier but not lose weight
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  • 7 years ago

    Sounds great to me :) i was honestly expecting this to be another 'will eating nothing help me' post.

    Not sure how much water you drink as you did not say, but 2-3L of water a day, apart from that there's nothing wrong with it. If i had to be nit picky, i would say have your lettuce be romaine as it is more nutritional.

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  • 7 years ago

    Sounds like a pretty well balanced diet to me! Just be sure you're drinking enough water, a few 8oz glasses a day should be fine. Cheers!

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  • Very, very healthy but for one thing. They say we should have 8 servings of fruits and vegetables so I would incorporate more into these menus. Good Job and keep up the good work

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  • 7 years ago

    You'll probably stroke out before your alcoholic friend does.

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