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I don't want to feel this way. Am I just being weird?

I recently became "friends" on Facebook with this guy who works as a physiotherapist at the gym. We always talk and laugh and share even about our personal life so I got the courage to ask if we could possibly be friends on Facebook. I was worried that it was against regulations but he just smiled and said that it was ok. We have so much in common that I enjoy talking with him. He's not handsome at all and has these glasses on but something about him just makes you want to be closer to him.

At first, I was a little shocked because I found that he's younger than me. Then, today he coincidentally talks about age and that he's seen at least 6 years older than his current age and he tells me that it makes him happy (maybe because clients tend to trust older people more...?).

And every Thursday, it's his day off so he posts photos of him running and I push the "like" button and today he posted up photos of him running in the morning with his gang and another photo of him with two other girls at this concert at night. It was a nice photo so I pushed the "like" button but inside, I feel a little jealous. I somehow wish I could spend time with him like that too. It's not like I can ask him, either, since I'm a member at the gym and also it is just too weird because I am much older than him.

I didn't realize how sad it made me feel. I usually stop by his office every 10 days or so but now I don't feel like going back anymore.

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    Don't take this the wrong way, but maybe you just don't have your own life? I don't mean that in a offensive way, but if you had friends and did that sort of stuff with them, you wouldnt give a **** about what he does. It's just my.opinion. But I guess it natural that when you like a guy you get jealous if you see a photo of him with other women. But go back there! Ask him what concert it was and tell him how you like or dislike that band/singer :D tell him about concerts you we're at. Idk, jus Ty be his friend :)

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