Why do I feel so shitty?

So, I have this friend, we're best friends. She's a girl i'm a guy, and we're extremely close. I've liked her for a couple months, and I thought something would happen because I know she's had feelings for me in the past, and even currently does. We hang out a lot, and we've even like made out and i've felt her up (we were drunk, but still) and like, people think we're dating, and when we do hangout, i almost feel like we are. Sometimes if i'm at her house (always 2 other people there) we'll watch a movie in her bed and we'll be snuggling.

Anyways, whenever she talks about other guys, or just in general when i'm with her, i end up feeling so terrible. And like, the guy she kind of has this thing with is a total dick and i can't even describe what she see's in him (He's ugly, he's an asshole, makes her feel like ****, according to her he's the worst kisser and she won't have sex with him again because of how bad he is) Why does she pick him over me? And she's even said if her brain could pick for her i'd be perfect for her.

Why am i feeling so crappy about this? How do I get her to like me or fall for me?

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  • 7 years ago
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    So she obviously knows, right? Well this is what I'd do. Tell her she has a choice; she can either stay with him and you two go back to being friends and nothing as strong as you're pretending to be or she could break up with him and give Mr. Right a chance to woo her :)

    I know it might sound hard. Trust me, I fall for people hard with out officially being I'm a relationship often. But in the end I notice sth's not right. I deserve more and so do you! Man up and tell her! Good luck! :D

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  • 7 years ago

    Just keep hanging out and doing what you are doing. Don't say too much. If you've made out you arent in the friend zone. You are "friends" who are doing stuff.

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