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A serious question for gun rights advocates?

i hope i can ask this without being bashed.how come you don't complain when you can't bring your gun on a plane or into a courtroom? is it because you are fighting hard just to keep what you have gained taken away and you know you will never be allowed to do that? it seems to me that all you are really fighting for is to keep your gun in your drawer at home. i know many of you still carry anyway, but it just seems like you are "half a.s.s.i.n.g." it yourself with the second ammendment. if you truly, truly believe your rights "shall not be infringed upon", what you REALLY seem to be saying is "shall not be infringed upon "TOO MUCH"

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    Well, before I could get on a plane, or even into the secure area of the airport, I would have to pass through a metal detector. So would every one else! Once in the secure area of the airport all the passengers are "equal", no one has a gun! The response time for airport security is ... I'd guess under 3 minutes. The "gun free zone" at airports is pretty hard to sneak a gun into. In that environment there is no reason for me to have tools of self defense, because being attacked by an armed assailant is one of the things that is just not likely. Likewise ... I do not see too many coyote, wild boar, bear, feral dog, bobcat, etc on airplanes or in the secure area of airports. Not much of a chance of being attacked by wildlife.

    In the court room, once again everyone passes through a metal detector! It would be very difficult to sneak a firearm into that environment, and even if some fool did ... the court has armed bailiffs on hand (response time seconds) to handle the emergency! Hey, they even have a metal detector you have to pass through to get into the parking authority office to dispute a parking ticket ... with an armed officer on station. No chance of wild animal in the court, little chance of attack, response time in the under a minute range. I do not need a gun to protect myself.

    Flip side! I am driving home from work through rural areas. My truck suffers an electrical problem and shuts down. It's midnight. Check my cell phone ... no service! I know that walking about a mile will put me into an area where there is service. grab my trusty flashlight and head out. While I'm walking ... I hear a coyote. Too late to get back to the truck. Not armed well enough to fight a coyote (or ... maybe there are more than one?). What am I going to do? Call 911? No service on my cell yet! It's a heavy metal flashlight against the teeth of at least one coyote (or bobcat, or maybe I surprised a hungry bear). Chance of survival ... not good!

    I live in the country, where I prefer to live. One good thing ... it sure ain't crowded. One bad thing ... we do not have police enough to cover all that space with short response times. Even in a critical emergency the police response time might be 15 minutes or more (they might have to drive a long way to get to you). Someone bashing in your door, you call 911 (of course), will the door hold until the cops get there? Maybe it might be a good thing to have a little protection for yourself and your family.

    In controlled areas where everyone is disarmed (like areas you access by passing through a metal detector) it just is not as necessary to have your own means of protection!

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    No Right is absolute. The Police Powers of the State allow government to regulate things to protect the health, safety,welfare and morals of the community. For example, no guns allowed in a courtroom or police station because there may be criminals in there who might take the gun.

    My complaint is there are metal detectors at Federal buildings. What, I have to waive my 2nd amendment rights to visit my IRS? I have a Right to visit my government. Should not all Rights be able to be exercised simultaneously?

    But flying on an airplane is not a Right. It is a privilege. When one wants to exercise a privilege, one must obey the rules of whoever is running that show.

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    Explain why YOUR "president" would kill children.


    "Beneath the expressions of grief, sorrow and disbelief over the Connecticut school massacre lies an uneasy truth in Washington: over the last few years the Obama administration and Congress quietly let federal funding for several key school security programs lapse in the name of budget savings.

    Government officials told the Washington Guardian on Friday night that two Justice Department programs that had provided more than $200 million to schools for training, security equipment and police resources over the last decade weren't renewed in 2011 and 2012, and that a separate program that provided $800 million to put police officers inside the schools was ended a few years earlier."

    I'll be awaiting your half-@ssed response.

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