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Are the Nonito Donaire-Roy Jones Jr. comparison's valid?

i'ver heard people, including jones himself saying that he and donaire are alike, but i'm not sure how true that is. nonito seems more fundamentally sound than jones was. roy was a spectacular athlete with almost superhuman speed, but he did not do a lot of things correctly in the ring, and almost had no jab (granted, he rarely needed one) it's the fundmantally sound fighters like donaire, mayweather and hopkins who can fight for many years after the "peak years" of a fighter which are what, 28 to 32?

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    Maybe in terms of that explosive athleticism but as you said, I think that Donaire is a better tactician but ultimately Roy, at his peak was a better natural fighter. If Roy would have retired after beating Ruiz at heavyweight, he would have been in the conversation with the all timers but he did not. His physical abilities slipped a bit and his flaws were brutally exposed.

    I think Donaire can keep his career active for longer, but I would not mention his longevity in the same league as Hopkins either. Hopkins is unique in that his defensive skills have kept him unscathed, which has helped him persevere, and his dedication to training (which I will stipulate Donaire has also displayed) have kept him in prime shape. Donaire has the unfortunate problem of hand injuries, which he has had in his last several fights.

    Ultimately, Donaire, if he keeps up his winning ways and moves up a few divisions has the potential to be the best Filipino fighter ever.

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