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Did anyone see the mark on Ryback's head from that kick last night?

During Ryback's match against those 3 guys, he got kicked in the head and not only could you hear it, it damn near left a boot imprint on his head! I think The King noticed it and commented on it. Welcome to the world of "fake" pro wrestling! No way in hell would i get in the ring with any of those guys!

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    In Professional Wrestling Parlance, we would say Drew McIntyre works "Stiff". The kick looked great when it happened, it looked great on replay and it looked great in slow motion. You wrestle Drew McIntyre and you will feel it the next day. Too bad, WWE is wasting his talent.

  • Yes I noticed it. Is like I always have said, I can't say wrestling is all fake when I have never in my life step foot in a ring. Once you get in a ring with a real man then tell me if it's fake. But, we will always hear the same crap "it was just an accident/that wasn't suppose to happen." Yeah...ok...

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