Ways to improve my tattoo idea?

The location i am thinking is my rib cage and black no color or maybe the peace sign colorful. very open to ideas.


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  • 8 years ago
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    Theres no reason to "improve" your tattoo idea. The idea is very nice and simple. But I would suggest maybe making the tattoo a tad different because its an exact design. So maybe sit down with an artist and explain that you would like to change it up a little and maybe ask him/her for an idea since they have good experience. But you don't have to change it too much... for example: Maybe instead of the peace sign as the 'O' then maybe change it to a heart since the tattoo is of "love" or replace the 'O' with a flower that you like. Just a few ideas to get you thinking about it. But by all means if You like the peace sign as the O, then leave it that way. Its your tattoo and you should have it exactly how you want it... and if you do leave it like that maybe add a flower to the design in general or have a heart around the work Love... Hope I helped.

  • Em
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    8 years ago

    Something like that would be way too small to go on your rib cage. I mean, it could be expanded, but it would look off. Something like that would look best fairly small. I think the side or back of the foot would look best.

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