Are all 350 THM transmission the same I found a 350 short tail and changed it to a long tail by just changing?

I change a 350 thm short tail to a 350 thm long tail by just changing my the out put shaft and the shaft cover do I also need to change the gov gear or anything else.Is there anything I have forgot in the tranformation

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  • 8 years ago
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    a 350 transmission is a 350 transmission ! what does matter is that a chevy transmission won,t bolt to a pontiac, buick or oldsmobile because of the bell housing is different on a chevy !

  • not all of the thm350s are the same. a year is one variable. the controls to it are another. the standard thm350 with have been built for one set power range with internal clearances to match the specs for that. a thm350c would have been built differently. really, you want to match what you want to what you have. if you are installing the trans into a car that does not have something to compare against, find the trans that matches that date range and application.

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