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After cracking open a hard boiled egg, i found what appeared to be chicken poop in the white part of the egg?

Has anyone else ever had this problem and did it make you sick after ingestion of egg before noticing a problem?

The egg was a little larger than the rest of the eggs but cooked the same, cracked open the same, it even looked the same on its outside but in it were two balls of chicken poop.


Gail. It is not biologically impossible anymore. And i have a witness..

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    yes it is biologically impossible to find chicken poop in an egg when there is no chicken in it.

    You found a cooked blood spot.

    Or you over cooked a double yolked egg so that both yolks now looked gray/green and unappetizing.

    Blood spots are NOT evidence of an unborn chicken and are an anomaly from the hen that laid it. Since you boiled the egg, you would not have an opportunity to see it.

    The size of the egg also has nothing to do with it.

    Older hens lay bigger eggs than young hens(called pullets) lay.

    When ever anything doesn't look good, simply toss it.

    You did nothing wrong and neither did the company the eggs came from.

    Like all natural things, there CAN be anomalies. Mishapen fruits, crippled young born to cows, less than perfect eggs. Hard to tell with eggs till you cook it or break it open to fry because of the shell.

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    That is relatively gross...But I did in reality have chickens at one point. After pulling my hair out and stepping in a single too many piles of (YUCK!!) I determined it was both them or me, so off to the regional processing farm they went....And upon ultimate prep for making some fowl soup, sure!! I did certainly to find tiny eggs inside!!!

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    ADD: Okay, I am always interested in learning something new, the source of your info would be much appreciated. I have access to ag, vet, med & other journals.

    Well, what you describe is biologically impossible, dear. Don't know what you're talking about, so including you, that makes two of us LoL.

    Source(s): I see chickens
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    eat it and lick your lips when your done

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