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why is the fast and the furious timeline so confusing?

i enjoyed al the movies, but 2006's "tokyo drift" still has not happened because the asian guy is still alive, even in the upcoming "fast and furious 6"! 2006 was 7 years ago, and i'm no expert on cars, cell phones, or other high tech devices, but hasn't the world changed a bit since then? what are the producers thinking?

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  • Caleb
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    8 years ago
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    what are the producers thinking? that the average fan of the series is not as smart as you are haha. that they aren't smart enough to figure out that the plot has numerous holes. i enjoyed the first film, but they've just gone downhill from there (although Fast and Furious was pretty good too)

  • 8 years ago

    Its not confusing in fact it looks like you have it figured out. I do see what you mean in terms of the evolution of technology but I doesn't seem like there is any thing in any of the movies that appear beyond their own time. Although I would like to see the two storylines (tokoyo drift & the main storyline) finally meet and even combine them in future movies.

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