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Can't log into to my yahoo account?

For some very strange reason, I can't log into my account which I've had for years and have lots of important things tied to. It says it cannot recognize the same device I've always used to log on. So it then asks me to answer a ridiculous security question I never once set (nickname of a child), I don't have a child. It also suggests I send information to a defunct account at Lycos I also can no longer get into?

What I don't get is WHY it "doesn't recognize the device I'm using to log on" with THAT account, but somehow it remembers with this alternate account I'm using right now!!! How stupid.

Is anyone else having this log on issue right now? Should I try to wait it out? Or did it finally decided to screw me out of my account?

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    8 years ago
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    Due to the sensitivity of this issue, you'll want to contact our accounts team directly. In order to do so, use the link at the bottom of this message, under "sources."

    On the help page it brings you to, enter the following drop down options:

    Yahoo! Account

    Password and sign in

    forgot my secret questions & answers

    This should take you to an area where you can Contact Customer Care.

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    I am having the same issue. I've been locked out my account for the better part of three weeks. I had to create a new account. Unfortunately even calling the help number doesn't do anything. It appears yahoo is trying to lose people and screw us all.

    If you get a good answer please come back and share.

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