Police Clearance application in Bahrain?

I need help regarding the process involve in obtaining GCC/Police Clearance (Bahrain).

I used to work in Bahrain for 1 year and 3 months. Now, I need to get a police clearance to continue my US immigration visa application. Most of the information I've got online shows that I have to submit all the required documents such as;

> a copy of the passport that you used in Bahrain

> a copy of your old or expired resident visa for Bahrain

> copy of ACR/ residence permit

but my question is, those documents were lost due to flooding that hits our area back in 2004. The only document that I still possess is a photocopy of my employment certificate. So how do I go about this? and what is the processing time to acquire the said certificate? I'm here in the Philippines. Is it possible to apply in Thailand (embassy of Bahrain) to get the documents. I hope you can shed me some light on this matter. Any information you can give will be highly appreciated..Thanks in advance

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    Good Conduct Certificate / Police Clearance

    General Conditions

    Good Conduct Certificates are processed and issued by the Ministry of Interiors in Bahrain as endorsed by the Embassy or Consulate. It is directly reviewed and processed by the:

    General Directorate of Crime Detection and Forensic Science

    Ministry of Interior

    PO Box 26698, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

    Tel. +973 17718888

    Fax. +973 1771 7217

    Certificates are not issued to holders of visitors visa.

    The person should have stayed in Bahrain for over 6 months with a Valid Residence Permit.


    2 Photos with Blue Background

    Photocopy of Passport

    Photocopy of New Passport

    Photocopy of Bahrain Residence Permit – please add “and CPR (Central Population Registration) Identification Card”

    Photocopy of Bahraini Residence Permit

    Authenticated National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Sundry Information with Full Finger Prints

    Filled Up Good Conduct Certificate Form

    Letter of Request from Applicant addressed to Honorary Consul stating purpose

    Letter from Embassy/or agency stating requirement of certificate

    Photocopy of Residence ID/Government ID of Applicant (SSS/TIN ID/Driver’s License)

    Other documents to support Bahrain visit, like employment contract, etc.


    • Application fee – 130 Thai Baht

    • Legalization fee – 2,000 Php

    • Mailing fee – 1,500 Php


    http://www.bahrainconsulate.com.ph/default.asp ..

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  • 4 years ago


    Source(s): Criminal Record Search Database - http://CriminalRecords.raiwi.com/?ManO
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  • 6 years ago

    i want to apply in Bahrain police

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