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No Kill cat shelters in Orlando, other adoption questions?

Heyo! I'm an 18 year old college student, female, moving into an apartment with a friend of mine and her dog come July. I'm fairly new to the Orlando area.

At any rate, I want to adopt a cat!

I'd like to adopt from a no-kill shelter because I want to support them. I kinda want to adopt a black cat because A) they look awesome and B) I've heard they don't get adopted often 8C

I've never owned a cat before so I'm looking for some general preparation tips and advice on what to look for. I'd also like some recommendations for no-kill shelters in Orlando. :) Thanks!

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    I've volunteered with shelters for years and have never volunteered for any that adopt out to anyone under 21. So sorry - you're most likely going to have to wait a few years.

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    1. Has that dog ever been around cats? What breed is it? Husky's for instance should never be left alone with a cat unless they grew up together as puppy and kitten. If that's not a cat friendly dog then that's not fair to the cat.

    2. Providing the dog is friendly, do you know how to do the formal introduction of cat and dog? If you don't do it, you can have chaos.

    3. Do you know what to expect from a new adopted cat and how it may act for several days to several weeks?

    4. Do you know how to clip your cats claws once a month and what types of scratchers to get for it to have something to scratch?

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    5. Do you know not to use collars of any kind? If you want to leash train you use a harness. Never use flea collars; the fleas move to the back of the cat and the toxins are all up at the cats nose and mouth. Never use collars with tags, they can choke your cat to death. Have your cat microchipped which is the best location device ever. Use Advantage or Frontline for flea protection.

    6. Do you know how to read the ingredient label on the pet food? If the first three or four ingredients aren't protein meat then don't buy it. Grains are no good. You want the best quality premium cat food you can afford to buy and you want your cat to have a dental appt when its ready. If you can't afford vet appts don't get a cat.

    I know you want to support no-kills but the title means the animal is safe. I'd save a life by adopting from a kill shelter. Even the SPCA kills cats.

    Decide what kind of pet you want. Long hair, short hair, maintenance required for hair upkeep. Athletic or lap cat or you don't care. If you get a kitten (everybody wants a kitten but a real life saver is adopting an older cat) and you will not know what kind of personality you'll have until it hits one year old. It's a gamble. What is a cuddly kitten could be a cat who never wants to be held. Talk to the adoption counselor and tell them age, color preferences, friendly toward dog, lap cat or playful, etc. and the adoption counselor can help you narrow down your choices.

    You need litter box, litter, scoop, bowls, toys (don't bother with a bed they'll sleep wherever), and a quality carrier. Get the molded plastic one as it provides the most protection.

    Research cats before you bring one home! I think adopting a black cat is fantastic and you're right about the reasons! Make sure the apt manager okays a dog AND a cat and that there is no pet deposit or if there is you can afford to pay it.

    Good luck and have fun on your feline adventure!

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    You are a college student, aren't you supposedly busy with you school and new friends? why you want to adopt the cat anyway?

    Let's start from the dog first and see from there! whether you really need a cat or don't.

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