Am I moving too fast with this woman?

I recently started dating this girl. We've been dating for about 1 week. We've already slept together, we had breakfast, I helped her paint her apartment. She's everything I've always wanted in a partner. But are we moving too fast?

We are both established professionals, with our own lives, but she just left a job where she traveled frequently for about 1 year, so I gather she has not been dating recently. I suppose I'm the first man to come along into her life in a while.

That said, I've got a lot going for me and it would be nice if I could be with this girl, but what's her motivation in seeing me? Is it just the novelty of the experience, or is the stage she's in right now conducive to an LTR with me?

I'm inclined to think it's the latter, but what do you think?

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    8 years ago
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    I think she's in the same position as you are, and that you both genuinely really like each other. If neither of you are complaining about the pace of your relationship, then you're both comfortable and happy. Don't try and spoil it by thinking that something is wrong. Have fun, and enjoy it :)

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Ooo, this is a little difficult. If you guys have TRUE feelings for each other it is okay to be at this point. I'm assuming you two have talked about your feelings for each other and where you both want the relationship to go. If not, please do lol. I don't think you are moving too fast. How long have you known each other prior? I'm hoping this wasn't a hey, how ya doin'? Paint your apartment? SURE- let's sleep together too! :D lmao You need to ask her what she wants. Since it has only been a week it is hard to tell, honestly if you think she could be the love of your life and she seems like your ideal women- your heart is probably true. I knew that I found my true love on our first date. Sometimes, the heart just knows. If you are already feeling this way, and thinking about your future together, then it is serious. Sometimes, it's okay to fall completely into love. As long as you keep your head right. Make sure you ask her what she's looking for as far as long term. It seems like you are both at an appropriate time in your lives to establish something beautiful together. I say go for it, and don't worry about the sex part. People have sex, it's not going to ruin something if you already knew the feelings were there. Plus if your still feeling like this after the sex, it means a lot. Good luck to you, and trust your heart- love is a magical thing and if you have found the one that you think, it will work out. : )

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    8 years ago

    After being with a chick for like 3 weeks, we flew to Toronto together to help her move stuff in storage, been having sex since the 2nd day we knew each other and at this point she was already living with me just about.

    She is now my wife of 16 years, we own 2 houses and have 2 kids. Sometimes this simply happens, just don't talk about marriage or love, just do what is feeling right. Amazing things can happen sometimes when you least expected it.

  • Opiner
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    8 years ago

    She obviously feels the same way you do. No, it's not too fast...when you've found 'the one' , you know it after the first date. Good luck :)

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