Install Ceiling Fan without Regulator?


I would like to install a new ceiling fan.

However, I do know ceiling fans do have speed controllers. Some fans uses remote controller, some used chain method, others are with regulators.

I planned to install my new ceiling fan without any of those controllers. I do read somewhere a regulator helps to adjust the speed, but this fan is there solely to be switched on and off, where once on it will go on the fullest speed as from prior experience, I hardly switched any of the ceiling fans below its maximum speed due to the heat here in my country.

I would like to know, is it safe to install a ceiling fan directly to a powerline without using any form of regulators?

Thank you.

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    8 years ago
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    I'd be guessing but I think I'd be right saying that ALL ceiling fans are three speed fans. There's most often a black wire that runs the fan and another colored wire that operates the light(s). If you're not using the light(s) then you don't need to hook that other colored wire to anything. Most often the light wire is colored blue.

    Aside from the black wire you also need to hook up the white wire. Then, regardless of the speed you want, when you switch the fan on it's on. Just don't get one of those fans that have a remote. Chain type are best. Then just set it to high and forget it. The remote controlled fans are more difficult to have come on at full when you switch power on.

    As for using the remote type - again, all you have to do is set it to high and forget about it. If for any reason it doesn't come on high - just set it back on high.

    Here's what I like to do with fans: I get the pull chain type AND I add an after market remote control. The remote will supply either full power, mid power or low power to the fan. As long as the fan is on high (by the chain) then it will do all I expect it to do. However, sometimes running the fan even on low is too much. I don't want wind but I do want to stir the air. I'll switch the fan to medium (by the chain) and use the remote to select low speed. The end result is the fan runs slower than it's lowest setting ( that is, the lowest speed without using a remote ). Thus, I get enough air movement to mix the warmer air down to the floor without creating a draft.

    There's no need to make this harder than it is. Just get a pull chain type fan and set it on high. When you switch the light switch on the fan will come on high.

    Hope this helps.

    'av'a g'day mate.


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    yes, the pull switch on the fan is a "regulator"

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    install it per instructions.put fan on high and leave it there.just turn on and off with light switch.

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