FAFSA & CSS Profile: Parents divorced but living together?

I am filling out information for my CSS profile and FAFSA. My parents are legally divorced but they still live together. My mom is my legal custodial parent but my dad has made more income. My dad pays my bills but my mom is responsible for all the legal stuff regarding me. Whose parents do I give information for?

I would like to fill out my mother's income since I would be qualified for more financial need aid which I need to afford college. My mom's going to make less than $5,000 this year and my dad should make around $35,000. I would rather fill out my dad's information instead of filling them both together, since I would qualify for more money. What am I required to do??

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    8 years ago
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    You include BOTH - whether someone's parent's are married is irrelevant, as they're asking for "household income" (to include any adult living under the same roof contributing to the household finances),

    They don't care if the adults that control the household you're a member of are married, engaged, living together, significant others, etc., or divorced - as long as they're living under the same roof.

  • 4 years ago

    This is elaborate. If they aren't legally seperated then they are nonetheless viewed married. Such as you mentioned in the event you say married then you will must use each their taxe info. Nonetheless, even if you say they are seperated you still could also be asked for each of their taxes. I believe the opposite reply, you must contact any person with the fafsa or your counselor. I just think that's first-rate in order that things dont get messed up and then you definitely become in crisis. Do this asap although, due to the fact the sooner you apply the better. First-rate of good fortune!

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