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Is this cheating of diet OKAY?

Still, I have some fruits for breakfast only.. Then I went to climb a mountain for about 1hr, (its just basically stairs) And I had fried rice for lunch at about 12+ then at about 3pm just now (its 3:23pm now) I HAD CHICKEN, Some fried one and some idk? Its has oil but not really fried, then i ate it in korean style which is vege covering the meat, with some kimchi and garlic. I ate them till Im really full. After that i had 3 candies. For dinner, I plan to have cheesecake.Then continuing my diet the next day onwards.. So I wanna know how much weight will I gain??? Then how long can I shake them off again? ;( Im about 47.5kg so will I get to 49kg? ;( I started diet for about 2 weeks ago and lost 2 kg, 49kg to 47.5.. Idw my diet to be a waste ;( This is the first time I'm cheating on my diet, but is this too overboard? Should I just not have the cheesecake?

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    It's fine as long as the rest of the week is healthy, then it's good to have a cheat meal so you don't feel deprived through the week. It actually helps prevent binging.

    No, one day won't make you gain 1.5kg. You need to eat 3500 EXCESSE (extra) calories to gain just .5 or a kg, so 10,500 calories to gain 1.5kg of fat. I doubt you ate that much, so no worries, and good luck!

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    In my opinion weight loss diet is probably the most complex routine to follow with out cheating as soon as in awhile. Its alright to fall off once in a even as now not except you'll be in some beauty competition/contest, otherwise as long as you're going to bounce correct again on and don't get too complacent with these cheats for too lengthy*

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    LOL. you're doing great. You will not get fat or you will not gain that kind of pounds in just a day. If you ate like that in a daily basis, definitely you'll get fat, but if it happened just for a day, your diet and exercises won't be affected. But to make sure, you must add a little cardio for your next workout =D

    I hope this helps

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