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Are some Pacquiao fans really comparing Manny to Ray Robinson?

Good grief. This is why so many Pacfans get so little respect. The great Ray Robinson finished with a record of 175-19-110 KO's. The vast majority of his losses came when he was broke and well past his prime! Robinson was 81-1 at one point in his career! No all time great gets KTFO by guys named Rustico Torrecampo and 3K Battery when they are young. If you are truly great, that does not happen! Yet Pacfans have the nerve to say "manny was underdeveloped at the time". As if he had not reached puberty yet...Give me a break! Some Pacfans should just STFU! It's nonsense like this that gives many of them a bad reputation!

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    8 years ago
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    The only reason Manny won so many was because he was fighting bums.

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    I'm a Pacman fan. And I dont believe that he was better than Ray Robinson. I believe if the Pacman can win more matches knocking his opponents out, and lose no more without getting knocked out I believe he could be as good as Ali. He will never be as good as Ray Robinson. And no.... Pacquiao fans are respected I take pride that he is my nationality and representing the country I am a part of...we get a lot of respect...in fact, half of the mexican people were cheering for Pacquiao not Marquez... and were not as loud as Marquez fans so why dont you ask Marquez fans you should see them. they are all cocky after that knockout.

  • Ok 1st of Ray Robinson was 128-1 at one point not just 81-1 get it right

    next what kills me is some of the OPINIONS you give that make no mistake.

    Here's a list of great fighters planted on there butts

    Tommy Hearns

    Jake LaMotta

    Roberto Duran

    Arturo Gatti

    Lennox Lewis

    Mike Tyson

    Joe Louis (Louis wasn't even champ yet and got floored)

    ernie shavers

    Jack Dempsey(knocked out in 10 seconds of the 1st round by Jim Flynn)Dempsey wouldn't even get a title shot for another 2 years

    Jack Johnson ( was knocked out twice before he even got a title shot)

    Sergio Martinez(yep the Middleweight king was beat down and knocked out before he ever won a title)

    Pacquiao has lost yes but I still admire him.He got up and came back to become 8 division champ and if my memory is right Sugar ray Robinson didn't do that

    Source(s): 7 year fighter
  • Sean G
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    8 years ago

    Sugar Ray Robinson fought 200 bouts and never was actually knocked out.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    this is why i dont go on this forum much anymore pacman hasnt ducked anybody how many guys has mayweather ducked boxing is a dead sport

    Source(s): and ray robinson is in the record book best of all time pound for pound nobody thus far has been better than robinson as far as a career mayweather isnt in his league either
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