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Pacquiao fans, do you respect Floyd Mayweather's defensive skills a little more now?

Hard to imagine Floyd getting hit with shots like that. You might not like his style, but Floyd has often said he does not give a crap. When Manny was in the canvas and some people thought he was dead, he could have used a shoulder roll or a high guard. If Manny is eating through a straw when he is 60 years old, how will that look? His fans won't care about him then. It was "Gayweather" this, and "runner" that. No way in hell does a brutal knockout like that not have some lasting effects.

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    @ badgmawhatever- you need to learn english cause trying to decipher your sentences is like trying to solve a rubix cube.

    anyhow you arguments are meaningless, you should stop.

  • 8 years ago

    Mayweather's defensive skills are never in question. He is one of, if not the best defensive fighter of this generation. That said, his style and his antics will be an anchor on his legacy. He will always be known as a great defensive master, but also a "safety first" fighter who put the business of the sport before the sport. When Mayweahter is 60, if he continues on the path of his life as is, he will be remembered not necessarily as an all time great in the way that Robinson, Ali, and others are remembered. He may be remembered as an exceptional talent that could not get past his personal problems and never had a career defining fight. That will eat away at Mayweather's ego.

  • 8 years ago

    too defensive he have the face to announce he wont fight strong champs no more...

    that's the floyd mayweather brand of boxing

    fu<k your english too thug...

    aint my language anyways...

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