Breathalyers and drinking?

I had just under two shots of vodka two days before having a breathalyzer test and was still read as positive. It was a low number but it seemed as if I drank that day when I obviously would know better than a machine. Has anyone had this happen to them?


Ok common sense, why would I waste my time asking this question if this situation did not occur. Thanks for your unvalued opinion. Don't believe it, that's up to you.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Well that's odd, maybe the machine was faulty. I blew a warning years ago with only 2 mild drinks in my system, machines can't be trusted.

  • PD
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    No, and neither did you. What you're saying cannot be true.

    Source(s): Common sense.
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