What is the name of this song?!?

I was in the parking lot of Food Town and this song I knew came on the radio. I haven't heard it in a long time, and I'm pretty sure it's more than 2 years old. I can't remember the lyrics, but in the beginning it's a guy singing and in the background there's a girl going Ooh o ooh, and it does this for about 2 verses then pit bull starts singing. I have no clue what it's called but it's an older one, that was pretty popular in it's time. Can you help me by posting lyrics to the song or even the song name? Or maybe some links to what you think it might be?? Thank you so much, it's really bothering me now!!

It also has a techno hip hop tune to it and it is not Enrique Iglesias, I'm pretty sure about that.

And the song is featuring pitbull. in the song it is sung by another man and woman. She also sings this one part that goes like "Ahhhhh Ah ahhhhh" then in the background you here an electronic Ooh wee ooh wee "Ahhhhhh Ahh Ahhhhh" it repeats like that a couple of times and it has a steady tempo techno sounding.

3 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    It might be On the Floor by Jay lo. She goes ahhhhh ooooooo, and pitbull raps. Or it could be the one that says 'grab somebody sexy tell the hey, give me everything tonight'. Probably the second one, cuz it has a few different people in there. Including pitbull.

  • 8 years ago

    Here's a list of his top 10 most popular songs. http://www.aolradioblog.com/2010/03/25/top-pitbull...

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Just run through all of pitbull's feature songs :)

    Source(s): Common sense.Google will help too ;D
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