Why are most sexy women short!?

I've noticed that most women who are sexy tend to be short. When I say sexy, I mean, nice big breasts, small waists, and curvy butts. Examples include: Kim Kardashian-5'2 Chloe Kardashian-5'0 Angie Varona-5'3 Shakira-5'2.

I'm a pretty tall male (6'3). And I speculate that dating a shorter women would be kind of awkward. However most women who I find extremely attractive are always short.

Why is this? Does anyone else understand what I'm saying?


Also, I'm just talking about physical appearances. I understand personalities are much more important than looks, however, to keep this concise I ask that you just talk about appearances.

Update 2:

I meant Courtney instead of Chloe lol

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    you are a fool Angelina Jolie is tall and SHE has a great personality and the women you like all are dorks

  • Bette
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    Weight spreads with height so if there's two women with the same weight and one is taller, the short woman will be curvier and the tall woman will appear more thin. I've dated with a large height difference and it wasn't awkward.

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