Do I have a tibial Stress Fracture?

I'm 17 and I wrestle. I started to get early shin splints at about June of this year while I was doing pylometrics for P90X. I didn't really RICE and I kept at the program and finished it. The shin pain was on and off. Then I moved on to Insanity and in the third week I started getting real bad shin splints. I began to ice and take iboprofen and bought cushion inserts and began to use my old running shoes(because I was doing p90x and Insanity barefoot on carpet.)

I was able to deal with the pain and then I moved on to preseason wrestling in the middle of october. That's when I really started getting real painful shin pain. I stopped running outside, had my arches taped, and iced after practice. I would still workout inside on the wrestling mats and I'd still wrestle and run on the mats.

Last night my shins hurt really bad even after practice even though I took iboprofen before practice, usually when I took iboprofen the pain before practice, the pain wouldn't be as strong. But last night it hurt a lot. I had to crawl at one point because of the pain. And today in the morning, I had to sprint to my 1st hour to not be late. As I was sprinting the pain radiated throughout my lower legs. When I got to class I was in such deep pain

I have a pretty good physical pain tolerance compared to almost every American thanks to my athletic background. But when I was in the classroom the pain was just bombarding my head. I even started to shed tears because it hurt so bad. I had to go to the nurse to get iboprofen.

Do I have a stress fracture? I developed shin splints in June and it is now almost November. I didn't rest to heal and kept pushing past the pain, just like people said to do while working out.

I get a real sharp pain in a specific area and I have to walk on my heels. It is in the inside part of my shin bone on both legs. Do I have a stress fracture?

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  • 4 years ago

    How lengthy has it been because you fractured your tibia? when you're nevertheless in the 8 to ten week restoration era then you quite might want to stay off it for that length until eventually you're completely recovered. in basic terms because you could not sense anymore soreness does no longer mean that your harm is completely recovered. this can be a instantly ahead false impression many sufferers have at the same time as getting better. follow your docs orders as a lot as you could and document any variations to them.

  • No one would know- you need an Xray. A bad thing about high pain tolerance is

    you can go and push beyond the limits and injure yourself- pay attention to what

    you are doing here- you have many years ahead of you,

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