Why do girls go crazy over One Direction?

Before you go off in a tantrum, I'm a guy, but I don't hate, dislike, or like One Direction. I have no reason to dislike/like them because I have never known them well enough to judge their true characters(not how they act when there's cameras around). I like a variety of music and I don't really like or dislike the music of One Direction, it's just whatever to me.

The thing that I do not understand is why girls go crazy(screaming, crying, having seizure like behavior, etc) over One Direction? I'm a heterosexual guy and even I can tell they're good looking, I mean it's true but there are so many "good looking" guys out there that it really isn't anything super unique. So they're British? So is everyone else in England. So they can sing well? So can many other everyday people.

I'm not jealous by any means, I just don't understand why girls act foolish for them. They're just normal dudes with common talents that got lucky with the music industry. I mean, they aren't as influential or important to the world like MLK, JFK, Ghandi, or Jesus Christ.

So they're good looking, sing well, and are British, so what? For 99.99% of fans out there, you'll never meet them in real life, you wont date them, and they'll never personally acknowledge you. Is it all just a big fantasy? Do girls secretly just want to f*ck them just how guys want to f*ck Katy Perry?

I respectfully request a illegitimate answer. Maybe someone knows of a research study that can answer this? Does evolution or genetics play a role? Why do girls act so stupidly for normal guys? They aren't any more special than you or me, but that's just my opinion.


When these boys sing their lyrics, do girls really believe it is geared to them? Or do they just pretend it is for them? I mean, I am 100% sure these 1 Direction guys have that one specific girl in mind when they sing love songs, but I guarantee it probably isn't any specific fan.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I will only speak from personal experience. I am 27 years old and when I was a teen, my big thing was a boy band called NSYNC (you know, the boy band that had Justin Timberlake). I would go crazy whenever they were coming up on TV, I had every book and CD they did, and I would record any show that had them in it. I was obsessed and my room was filled with posters...you couldnt see the paint of my walls. Why did I like them to the point of obesession? My theories:

    1. I thought they were hot (Justin Timberlake)

    2. I liked the songs

    3. I was filled with hormones

    4. Cute guys in my school were rare

    5. They were "safe" to like...they were far away, no risk of rejection, etc

    6. They were marketed really well by their managers

    7. Yes, I wanted to f**k them...well, Justin.

    8. I had too much time on my hands

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    its cause they sing and say every word every girl wants to hear, and what every guy is afraid to say. that matched untop of them having cute accents, being good looking, sexy, funny and having great voices? makes the most perfect men live.

    Source(s): personal experience
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