Why is Russia accusing the US of arming the Syria insurgents and allowing a continuation of this war?

Russia says the United States assists and coordinates arms deliveries to foreign-sponsored insurgents battling the Syrian government forces.

“Washington is aware of the deliveries of various weapons to illegal armed groups active in Syria. Moreover, judging by the declarations of US officials published in US media, the US coordinates and provides logistical assistance in such deliveries,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued on Thursday.

“The Americans say that they have not delivered anything to the rebels,” General Makarov said.

He stated, “But we have reliable information that the Syrian rebels have foreign-made MANPADS, including American ones.”


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    7 years ago
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    People tie the Arab spring to things: do not like, they fear, or have interest in. Arab spring is where normal Arab people rebelled against corruption, discrimination, opportunistic, living under slavery of dictators and their families and relatives. Arab spring has nothing to do with the outside world or others outside the Arab states except oppositions living in exile/s. The Arab spring has nothing to do with religions and religious issues. Arabs, for the first time, were able through the web such as facebook and Twitter to organize large demonstrations against Dictators.

    • First : (TUNISIA)

    Arab Spring started in Tunisia:

    Google: mohamed bouazizi

    • Last : (SYRIA)

    Because of the extreme fear and intimidation Syrians lived with for 42 years. Under the same illegal, racial, criminal, most ugly regime in the world. The last Arab state that joined the Arab spring was Syria.The last uprising against this regime was in the 1982. The last Illegal president Hafez Assad and his brother killed 40.000 Syrians to appease them and destroyed the city of Hamah.

    Google : Hamah city,

    The current uprising started In the Syrian city of Dara’a on the border with Jordan. Where kids, influenced by the TV’s news of the Arab spring in other Arab states, wrote things on walls where the kids were forcefully taken from their parents, imprisoned, tortured, their nails were taken off, and at the beginning refused to free them under any circumstances. As a result their parents rebelled and some of them were shot died by the regime. This resulted the uprising to start and escalate in many other areas of Syria.

    For many months, the regime as used to in the last 42 years, used extreme force, torture, and direct killing against peaceful protestors and accused them of all kind of bad accusations such as Al-Qaeda&Terrorists. The same way Quelled them in the last 42 years of tutoring under the lie that the regime was fighting Israel and America where anybody opposed that lie was taken, tortured, considered traitor and executed. They banned all kind of media from entering Syria and converted Syria into a large prison. All that resulted in the escape of soldiers with their arms from the army and established small armed groups to protect civilians. Later, armed struggle against the regime started after months of daily killing of civilians and no help of any kind from outside Syria.

    Now over 35.000 Civilians were killed and still is rising, 100s of thousands in prisons, women have been raped by the regime, Kids and babies have been slaughtered, millions fled the country, cities have been destroyed by most sophisticated arms. The Syrian regime even, have been bullying, harassing, and threatening Syrians and/or others around the world who opposed. Still there is nobody really helping to stop the massacres until now.

    Google: The Syrian Revolution (English) | Facebook - (Includes massacre’s photos)

    Al-Ba’ath party has 2 branches, one ruling Syria under Al-Assad and the other was ruling Iraq under Saddam Husain with the same ideology and ideas.

    The Syrian story started with the father (Hafez Assad) who came from the poor Alawis sect village (Qardaha) on the Syrian coast. He wanted to study medicine but he couldn’t because he was too poor. He went to the military school and later he and his colleagues in Al-Ba’ath party in November 1970 illegally and forcefully overthrew the government and took over the power in Syria. Then, Assad imprisoned those colleagues until they died in prisons and controlled Syria alone with his family and made Syria the only Apartheid Arab state. Sectarians Alawis from Qardaha and other Alawis villages invaded the Syrian cities like Locusts and controlled all kind of high positions in Syria. The way they speak has a tune and some special words and this distinguished them. Syrians feared them to death whenever they are because they know that they are above the law. Directly after Hafez Assad passed away, the constitution was altered and his son Bashar inherited illegally the presidency of Syria and the regime remained the same. Now, Al-Assad family and cousins and relatives control absolutely everything in Syria, and they became one of the richest worldwide and that is one reason why they do not want to leave power.

    The other reason is that they are sectarians Alawis, a religious group who follow the Shi’a (Iran) in Islam; and that why Iran and Hezbollah are unconditionally supporting them. Iran has been influencing Russia and china in the UN and supplying Assad with arms and Iranian soldiers. Iranian official said: the victory of Assad is the victory of Iran.

    Syrians have lived under Marshal laws for 41 years. Now, They are left alone to die. (Assad=Hitler)'s regime has been taking advantage of the careless and reluctant Arab and international situation and has been dropping TNT barrels & Cluster bombs on civilians and committing genocide. The current Holocaust is going on in Syria.

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  • 3 years ago

    Russia might on no account arm Assad in fears of hassle in Europe. Russia seems to be friendly to all of the small arab international places, Russia has had long involvement with many many international locations different than Syria. all of the small international places in Caucasia, like Ossetia and Checnya, and Georgia. Putin became into merley pointing out his opinion on the area, yet I doubt Russia might risk friendship in Europe being destroyed if Russia became into to arm Assad who's clearly interior the incorrect, besides the incontrovertible fact that who provoked it continues to be questionable and no count if a revolution and an act of aggression in direction of the present government became into justified or no longer.

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  • 7 years ago

    Put simply, its because they are. The US, along with some Gulf nations, WANT Assad's regime to fall in order for a Western Sympathiser government to be installed. However, Russia are being complete hypocrites- they are the one's arming an illegimate, brutal regime and directly contributing to the death of thousands of Syrians.

    This war will end only when Assad conceedes power or the 'rebels' as they call them kill him.

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  • 7 years ago

    US says Russia is arming the pro government. RU says the United States is arming the rebels. It's a back and forth thing between the superpowers. It resembles the cold war or rather the Korean, Vietnam, and Afghan wars but with none of their troops involved only UN.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Wahhabi's from Saudi Arabia are the trouble makers Bin Ladden and the Taliban are Wahhabi"s

    Source(s): Look up Wahhabi"s
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  • 7 years ago

    Russia and Putin can kiss my @$$ Putin and his henchmen have been flogging arms to Assad's regime for ages LOL

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