Pain in my stomach, what is it?

*Note* I've eaten ice (snow form) for about 3 days straight now. I think it may contribute to my problem*

So when I got to school I started to feel this stinging in my stomach. I thought maybe I had eaten a bad toaster strudel that morning, because I did eat one. Anyways, it had been on and off since then. It stings really bad then stops, then I breathe in and sometimes it stings, and sometimes it's really bad and sometimes it's not as bad but still hurts. I've also felt once or twice like I was going to puke. I ate lunch and it still stings every now and then. I got home and ate a yogurt, popcorn, and chocolate covered pretzels and it doesn't hurt as much but it still stings every once and a while. And I don't feel hungry, I feel full. What is it? (No it's not gas)

**It has been hurting for 8 hours now. I'm 14 years old. I eat like 14 yr old. I eat junk food but I eat green beans and lettuce almost every night. This morning I had a toaster strudel**

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Although you say it's not gas, it very well could be, I thought I had an ovarian cyst and when I went to get checked out, it turns out that I had gas, I had similar symptoms as to what you are explaining. My advice, go to your doctor and explain to him what is happening, most likely he will have an answer for you, I highly doubt it is from what you are eating.

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