Could somebody suggest some different units of conversion please (like miles to kilometers)?

Hello. I am creating a program which the End User can use to convert between different units easily.

So far, the program can convert between:

Distance and measurement:

Miles to kilometers

Kilometers to miles

Inches to centimeters

Centimeters to inches

Meters to feet

Feet to meters

Inches to millimeters

Millimeters to feet


Grans to ounces

Ounces to grams

Kilograms to pounds

Pounds to kilograms

Kilograms to stone

Stone to kilograms

Pounds to stone

Stone to pounds

Computer-Related Conversion:

Kilobytes to megabytes

Megabytes to kilobytes

Megabytes to gigabytes

Gigabytes to megabytes

Gigabytes to terabytes

Terabytes to gigabytes

Megahertz to gigahertz

Gigahertz to megahertz


Milliliters to pints

Pints to milliliters

Liters to gallons

Gallons to liters

Centiliters to pints

Pints to centiliters

Pints to gallons

Gallons to pints


Celsius to Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit to Celsius

Could you suggest any other conversions I could add to my software (and the formula to do so)?

Thank you.

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    You can find them all listed already on the internet:

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    4 years ago

    Multiply mile by 8/5 to get the gap in kilometres Multiply kolometers by 5/8 to get the gap in miles. reason: 5 miles = 8 kilometers a million mile = 8/5 kilometres 8 kilometres = 5 miles a million kilometre = 5/8 miles.

  • 8 years ago

    Try to use this website

    Its much easiar that way, good luck!

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