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d. how many grams of Fe^2+ will react with 0.003109g moles of Fe^2+

0.003109 mol Fe^2+ X 55.85g/mol Fe (atomic weight) = 1.736gFe

is that correct?

e. if original sample weight was 1.4751g what is the calculated % of Fe^2+ in the sample based on your answer to question d?

percent yield right? so actual/thero 1.736g Fe/1.4751g Fe X 100% = 111.71%??

f. if actual percent of Fe^2+ in the sample is 13.25%, what is the percent error?

im stuck on this one, i might have did everything wrong, please help! i know percent error is actual - thero / thero X 100%. so do i just use my percent yield to subtract it from the 13.25%? IDK! HELP!


it was actually 117.71% :/

Update 2:

@ d, its actually how many grams of Fe^2+ are there in 0.003109 moles of Fe^+2. so its basically telling me to convert moles into grams. so

0.003109 moles of Fe^+2 X 55.85 g/mol Fe^+2

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    Fe2+ can't react with Fe2+

    What was the original sample?

    Your question doesn't make sense so, sorry, can't help you till you give the correct version..

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