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I'm doing Insanity, can I get heart failure?

I'm 17, 6'3, 200lbs, 10% BFP roughly, and a senior in high school, and am gearing up for my last HS wrestling season. I started Insanity a month ago right after I finished P90X Plus, so I was in pretty good shape going into it.

I am in my second month of Insanity. Today I did Max Interval Cardio Plyo; When I workout I go until I start breathing very very hard then I push myself even more and more until my body overrides my conscious and forces me to fall down from muscle failure, then recover asap and get to working out again. Today for some moments I was seriously scared for my life because my heart was beating so quick. Also today, right after muscle failure I'd fall down my muscles would shake in a convulse like state for a few seconds, then I'd workout again(that happened twice today)

I want to be wrestling state champion, am I pushing myself too hard? Can I get heart failure from pushing my body that hard?


I do not have any previous heart conditions. and it's not really convulsing as it is my legs kicking at a rapid rate

Update 2:

I believe I may be getting Intense Muscle Strain

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    You cant get heart failure from Insanity workouts...

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