i've lost a good friend yet i dont know how to be friends with her again ?

My friend did a horrible thing to me 3 weeks ago and we didnt talk for a week. She text me a week later asking f i was going to leave it and i said i was still upset and didnt want to. She got aggressive over text and i told her to f*ck off and we had an another argument. The next minuite her mum inboxes me and tells me never to come to the house again because i upset hannah, i felt like i was the bad guy and i had hurt her, but i was angry that she tried to argue with me to forget everything when i was still angry. Its afew weeks later now and i am not upset anymore and i miss her, but she blocked me on facebook and i dont have her phone number any more to contact her.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Lets see... Well first you can give yourself and nice hard slap on the face! GOOD! Now, that that's settled how about seeing her in person? Contact a good friend of.hers or a mutual friend and ask if they could tell her that you miss her like crazy and that you're so sorry about what had happened. Maybe you could even try talking to her mum about it? At least leave a message at their phone saying yyou are sorry and that you just needed some time maybe say that you'll wait at a Starbucks on sat at 2:00 pm for her, if she shows or not. IDK! Ask if your friends have any ideas. You know how.you needed that time to get over the argument? Well maybe that's the time she needs right now. Seriously, I would try to move on a bit and hang out with your current friends and maybe in a month or so you'll run into her. If you ever do.and she is.willing.to actually talk to you be mature and ask her how she is, tell her she looks good and before you or she leaves say "oh one more thing Hannah. Iam sorry about what happened" and that's probably the best case scenario that no one still hates the other. My advice would be to not give up on her, but to wait. Don't annoy her with ,10 calls every day. But do at least call once everywhere you can and then wait. Ok I wish you the best of.luck!! :D

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  • 8 years ago

    Well im sure you know other people that know her or know where she lives so maybe pop by th house and simply explain that you had a right to be upset for what she done and you were just in shock about the situation and needed some time to get over it and your sorry that you lashed out at her as even tho you were angry at her you admit it was a bit much. Say you are really sorry and you are ready to be friends again but only if she is and you will give her time to think about it. Tell her is she doesnt have the answer there and then that she can unblock you on facebook if she is ready to be friends again and try sort it out and if not..well she doesnt have to.. hope this helped and i wish you all the best <3

    Kim :) x

    Source(s): Been there, done that, currently best buds <3
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If her mom didn't block u just tell he to tell Hannah ur sorry. Or go to school and right her a note saying that she hurt u and u hurt her and that's not what friends do and I'm sorry and I love u like a sister that what I did for my friend and now we r bffl's again

    Good Luck :3 ASHLYN

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