Is the Ka bar Bk 7 a good bushcraft /survival knife ?

I wanna know if it's good And is it a scandi grind or flat grind cos Many people say flat grinds are not good for bushcraft

I have a ka bar bk7 and I wanna know if it's good

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  • chris
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    8 years ago
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    Ka bar is one of the finest knife makers out there, However survival depends upon a lot of things and having just a knife limits you to the tools your able to carry. So I carry a leatherman.

  • 8 years ago

    Return to the philosophical discussion of what tasks you need to conduct to "survive."

    I spend every week alone in remote wilderness areas where I only carry the Victorinox Climber pocket knife. I have "survived" for decades. I guess this means that a Victorinox is enough "survival" knife for me. If I injure myself, I will either survive the ancipated several days to receive rescue or die in the few hours' window when the earliest rescue could have reached me. I have never understood why I need to baton any firewood. Most of the time, I live above tree-line in tundra where there is no firewood that could be subject to the baton. Break-up a few small diameter branches by hand and fuel for a campfire or signal fire exists without a monster "survival" knife such as the KaBar.

  • 8 years ago

    If it looks like this

    my answer is NO.

    Why? Look at the top of it toward the tip (I'm calling the actual blade the bottom of it). Same bevel as the standard USMC fighting knife. What happens when you use a baton to split firewood or for other purposes? That relatively sharp edge is going to eat up your baton just as though you turned it upside down and struck the knife edge with the baton.

    What you want is a knife which has a "flat" top, all the way to the point.

    For example, I have beat heck out of this one

    Youtube thumbnail

    for several hours splitting not really seasoned Oak up to 8" diameter for firewood at a campsite. I brought the wood from home and it was TOUGH. And then I used it to slice vegetables for my dinner stew.

    I also have its smaller version

    which one could wear on your belt without scaring the straights.

    K-Bar(s) are very hard to sharpen because they (well, at least the USMC version) were never designed to have a razor edge. They were designed to be tough, and they are. But you'll never get it really sharp, which makes it no good for more delicate camp tasks.

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