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Shin Splints during 5th Week of Insanity. Please HELP!?

I am 17 years old 6'3, 200lbs, bow legged, and a wrestler entering my last high school season in November. I am in my recovery week of Insanity and have had shin splints for about a week now. I have it in my inner shin just above my ankle. For the first month of Insanity, I performed barefooted on medium cushioned carpet.

I am trying to get into great shape for wrestling because I want to be state champion this season. I started using my running shoes from last season which has helped my shins a little. I have been icing my shins after working out. However I do not want to rest. I have naturally horrible cardio for wrestling and I know that if I rest I will be moving backwards in my cardio. My parents are in debt, I have no access to a pool or cycling.

What can I do to help my shin splints recover the quickest??? Resting is unnaceptable, I want to be the best. I know stress fractures can occur, but I know that there must be an alternative to RICE. Please help?!?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Hello cristian. I have the same issue I am just about done with my recovery week, & I waited to go to the doctor & they told me I got shin splits. I always feel the pain when I do the jumping portions of the workout... They told me to lay off the workout & do something else, but me I am not a easy quitter. So they gave me a bunch of different stretches so try googling shin split strecthes or shin stretches. I'm going to continue into month 2 try landing softer & not push to the last limit...but continue to do the stretches they gave me. Hopefully you can relate!

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