If Obama is a socialist...?

Marxist Kenyan Muslim, why isn't Mitt Romney using that every hour of every day to get Obama disqualified from running. Why, he didn't even mention Obama being a Kenyan even once during the RNC convention. In fact, other than vague allusions to "redistribution" or "class warfare", Romney has not used the Socialist moniker much at all. So it seems to me Romney could be in the tank for Obama as well.

I know that if I believed Obama was a socialist Muslim, I'd be upset that he was doing so well in the polls and have to attribute his success to paranoid conspiracy theories too.

Could the truth, the reality of the situation, be that Obama is simply a moderate Democrat who in fact could have been a Nixon or Eisenhower Republican (if Obama had been white); that he's naturally affable and most Americans tend to agree with his views on taxing the rich, and limited government intervention in the economy in order to ensure corporations also play by the rules?

But that view just makes too much sense.

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  • 8 years ago
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    What kind of delusional fantasy world do you live in? Everybody knows that the best way for a president to systematically destroy the United States is to enact fair and reasonable economic regulations that ensure the steady growth of the economy during every quarter of his presidency. Meanwhile, that president should restructure military policy to affect conflicted areas of the world such that the host nation's security forces must gradually accept responsibility for their own countries' stability, while we systematically recall our military assets. If I wanted the terrorists to win, that's certainly what I would do.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    He is a friendly person, and his attitude and like ability surely win him votes, but his policies are failures and he is a socialist, why would a capitalist want income redistribution?

  • 8 years ago

    If you come up with an actual, officially recognized definition of socialist that would help.

  • IceT
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    8 years ago

    Since he is for wealth redistribution he is at least a Socialist.


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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If Romney is a pltuocrat troop sacrificing job killing then...

  • 8 years ago

    Well, you have a option-----a Mormonism

  • 8 years ago

    There is no doubt Obama is a Marxist. All you have to do is look at the friends of Obama before he was President.

    The reason Obama sought these people out is that he agrees with them.

    Van Jones: Black Nationalist, Black Liberation Theology, Communist party split organization Committees of Correspondence CoC,, (CZAR) to Obama.

    Carol Browner: (Global Warming CZAR) Socialist, member Socialist International

    Marilyn Katz: SDS, Socialist, CPUSA, CoC, Public Relations to Obama

    Carl Davidson: SDS, Marxist Socialist, Professor, Small school workshop, leading activist in the Chicago break away Socialist/Communist, “New Party” founder of Progressives for Obama, DSA, Communist party split organization Committees of Correspondence CoC.

    Mike Klonsky: SDS Weatherman, Maoist Communist, Small schools workshop, CoC

    William Ayers: SDS Weatherman, Communist, UC Professor who writes curriculum for teaching teachers, Small schools workshop, CoC, Hugo Chavez honored him for his Socialist educational standards introduced to Venezuela.

    Bernadine Dohrn: SDS Weatherman, Communist, Professor, Lawyer, CPUSA organization CoC

    Mark Rudd: SDS Weatherman, Socialist, Professor, Progressives for Obama

    Tom Hayden: SDS Weatherman, Communist, Professor, Advisory Board of Progressive Democrats of America, Initiated Progressives for Obama, CoC

    Rev. Wright: Black Liberation Theology (Socialist) Racist Church, Obama’s Pastor

    Rev. James Meeks: Black Liberation, Racist, Spiritual counsel, adviser, and friend

    Tony Rezko: Chicago mobster, business associate, friend

    Frank Marshall Davis: CPUSA Communist from Chicago, four year mentor to teenage Obama in Hawaii, on FBI security arrest list from 1957 forward.

    Raila Odinga: ODM, Kenya Communist, Obama campaigned for his election in Kenya

    Richard Falk: IADL Communist, America hater, Professor and friend until his death

    Edward Said: Jew hater, America hater, Obama Professor and friend until his death

    Roberto Unger: Communist, Obama Professor, friend

    Rashid Khalidi: Jew hater, PLO, University of Chicago Professor friend, Obama fundraiser

    John Holdren: (CZAR), Co author, Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment, advocates totalitarian world order and mass sterilization of population. I kid you not.


    Gregory Craig: ACLU, Specializes in representing Communists. His clients include Castro and the Nicaraguan Communist Sandinistas. Obama`s White House Council.

    Carl Sustein: Progressive (Socialist) Professor, friend. Wants legal 'rights' for livestock, wildlife and pets represented by PETA and ACLU.

    Jessica Marshall: Chicago activist, national coordinator Young Communists YCLUSA, friend

    Terrie Albano: YCLUSA and editor of the Communist Party USA newspaper Peoples Weekly World was an early and ardent backer of Obama, CoC.

    Valerie Bowman Jarrett: Married for 5 yrs to Vernon Jarrett CPUSA member now deceased. Jarrett is the great niece of prominent Democratic Party leftist Vernon Jordan. Personal friend of SDS Socialist Marilyn Katz, Senior advisor to President Barack Obama

    Timuel Black: Socialist Party SPUSA, Democratic Socialists of America DSA, Committees of Correspondence CoC, personal adviser and friend.

    Alice Palmer: 1991 Illinois State Senator, Soviet world traveler, Socialist/Communist admirer, Chicago journalist, friend and employer of Barack Obama. Hand picked Obama as her senate seat successor and organized his coming out fund raiser at her friends William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn’s home

    Patrick Gaspard: New Jersey chapter of the Socialist/Communist, “New Party” Activist in the New Party offshoot, and CPUSA endorsed Working Families Party. White House political director for President-elect Barak Obama

    Barbara Ehrenreich: Democratic Socialists of America DSA, New Party NP, Progressives for Obama, Committees of Correspondence CoC.

    Lou Pardo: Socialist, DSA, New Party, CoC, organizer with and friend of Obama 1990’s

    Quentin Young: YCLUSA Young Communist League, DSA, Obama’s doctor for 20 years

    Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf: Democratic Socialists of America DSA, Vice chairman of Chicago Committee to ‘Defend the Bill of Rights’ the CPUSA most successful creation, friend of Ayers and Dohrn, friend of Obama

    Cornel West: DSA vice-chair, New Party NP, Progressives for Obama, Obama's Black advisory Council, Black Liberation Theology speaker, friend of Rev. Wright, friend of Obama

    Danny Davis: Democratic Socialists of America DSA, friend, political ally, Davis and Obama joined New Party NP together and were candidates for NP, CoC

    The reason Romney says nothing is he belongs to the minority McCain camp of the Republican party. Remember McCain would not even let his people say Baracks middle name.

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