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Are shirtless profile pics appropriate for 16 year old males?

Are shirtless Facebook profile pictures appropriate for a guy?? Given that there is no suggestive poses but the guy is still fit-looking. Would it be appropriate for a potential manager to see? Or a potential college coach to see?? Or would it be inappropriate?

I think it would be but others may not.

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    If it isn't allowed, they simply wouldn't post it. It would be rejected.

    If it is ok, then it will be approved.

    Just remember, anything you post on F/B will haunt you for the rest of your life, or for at least as long as there is a Facebook.

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    It depends on the context. If you're at the beach with your friends in your swim trunks, I think thats fine. But if its you standing in front of the bathroom mirror taking a picture of yourself, that is very unprofessional, and no adults will respect you for it.

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    If you want to pass for a Douche, post pics of yourself shirtless...

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