how to get police clearance in Bahrain I am now in Philippines I need for Australia visa application?

I want a certification from Bahrain police I need for a travel in Australia. I am here in the Philippines.

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    8 years ago
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    You can either: return to Bahrain to apply for the police certificate in person OR apply for the Good Conduct Certificate at the nearest Embassy of Bahrain and provide the following: copy of the passport that you used in Bahrain; a copy of your old or expired resident visa for Bahrain; a copy of your current passport (if applying at a Bahrain embassy or consulate); a copy of your current valid residence permit (if applying at a Bahrain embassy or consulate); 3 matte photographs with a blue background and

    applicable fees.

    You will be given a form to take to the police department for fingerprints.

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  • 8 years ago

    Verbatim from US State Department

    "To obtain a Bahraini GOOD CONDUCT CERTIFICATE, write to: General Directorate of Criminal Investigation (CID), P.O. Box 26698, Manama, State of Bahrain. The letter should contain a request for an application for a "Good Conduct Certificate" (Form PS/CID/6) with a statement explaining that the certificate is needed for immigration. Applicants should complete and return it to the CID at the above address along with the following:

    Two matte (i.e., non-glossy) photographs;

    A photocopy of the first four pages of the applicant's passport;(where all the biographic data is mentioned)

    A photocopy of all previous Bahraini residence permits;

    A letter from the applicant's current employer indicating that they have no objection to the applicant's departure.

    If the applicant is living in Bahrain, the CID will schedule an interview, during which the applicant will be fingerprinted. The certificate is usually issued within 3-5 days after the interview. Records are somewhat unreliable prior to 1967. There is a fee for this service of Bahrain Dinars 1.000 or U.S. $3.00 for this service. Checks and Bank Drafts are not accepted.

    Applicants no longer living in Bahrain should follow the same procedure and provide the same documentation. However, they will also have to provide a set of fingerprints taken by local police in their country of residence.

    If there is a Bahrain Embassy where the applicant resides, they can contact the Bahrain Embassy to complete the necessary formalities."


    Fred Wahl


    Source(s): US State Department
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