How to Build More Muscle?

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I am a sixteen year old boy. I am short and skinny. I just want to have a muscular build. What is the fastest and easiest way to do this? Also I do not want to start lifting weights more
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  • ? answered 2 years ago
do 1-2 hours of weight training everyday and eat lots of protein
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  • Azureus1203 answered 2 years ago
    You need to follow a program like Starting Strength. A great start for beginners looking to get into weight lifting.


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  • Erin answered 2 years ago
    Running, lifting, swimming, or simple exercises you can look up on YouTube. Drink a lot of milk, and eat more. Since you're skinny, you have to have fat you can turn into muscle. If you want arm muscle, start out with dumbbells, and work your way up to lifting. That's what I'm doing, and I'm a girl.
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  • Cameron answered 2 years ago
    swimming, kayaking, rowing, sprinting

    push ups, chin ups, free squats, lunges, jumping from a kneeled position (natural movements doesnt stunt your growth)
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  • Vivek answered 2 years ago
    Eat fats and work out a lot. Try gym and protein powder and then tada you will be surprised with your muscles.
    Please don't overeat.
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  • Luke answered 2 years ago
    Eat alot and lift. Youre going to have to lift or youll just get fat
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  • Poo answered 2 years ago
    idk working out is your only choice
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  • Layla answered 2 years ago
    run swim bike jog and do NOT do a special diet to help you they dont usually work or they end up getting you fat
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