How to get rid of an annoying friend?

I have this crazy friend who is kind of kooky, but good for a laugh. He's always going on about aliens and spaceships and time-travel and what not. He never even wants people to call him by his real name, and keeps telling everyone to call him 'the doctor', which is just stupid since I know he's never even attended university.

I've sometimes even caught him walking out of one of those old-styled police call boxes they used to have in England, which is even stranger because no one makes those anymore.

He likes to dress really weird too. Like he'll wear a blazer, right, with tennis shoes, instead of actual dress shoes.

This one time, right, he barges into my house at like 3 in the morning, he looked wild and crazy, you'd think someone was trying to kill him. But then he starts going on and on about astro men or something. He even had some sort of metal tube thing in his hand that kept vibrating and making weird humming noises. I can only imagine he was at some-sort of drugged-up gay sex party or something. Really, I don't know why I even opened the door.

Anyway, my dog disappeared a few days ago, a wonderful choc-spaniel, and I'm pretty sure he had something to with it. He kept telling me how there was something wired about the dog, that he'd seen it sometime in the past, or something. Of course I told him it's just a spaniel that I got from the shelter a couple of years ago, it's a really nice and well-behaved dog. But he was warning me about the dog, saying the usual alien crap.

I've finally had it with him and this is definitely the last straw. I'm thinking of calling the RSPCA or the cops or something. That guy is just way too creepy to be out on the streets.

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    8 years ago
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    I'm sorry, but I just love your story. :D If I didn't have a boyfriend already, I'd marry that guy! :)

    Have you thought about talking with him or with his family?

  • 8 years ago

    The next time you turn on your TV pay strict attention to it since this is most likely where you'll see the blazer and tennis shoe routine on many Seinfeld re-runs and other places such as the David Letterman show. Blazers and tennis shoes have been the rage for years in Urban America, especially in New York. Having enlightened you on Haute Couture, let me tell you that I think your friend is a bit more than eccentric. I'm all for quirky peeps but the thing with your dog...I really can't go for. I do hope your joking on that! 3:00 AM is also not an hour for a normal visit of any kind! How old is this one? This sounds a bit too creepy for me as well. I'd be afraid to get rid of him in a least not until you find out what's happened to your dog!

  • 4 years ago

    you ought to assert howdy we dont propose to be rude or something yet your are very loud and blah blah blah and we may like it in case you went and sat another position any further. if she doesnt comprehend the position else to bypass walk around the lunch room mutually with her and asl human beings if its ok for her to sit down down with them...genuinely there'll be someone which will say ok and welcome her into thier lil crew. attempt to be as large about it as a threat. dont snigger at her, i wager she doesnt have many friends because of her moves. perchance you would possibly want to tell her what she is doing it truly is so annoying and that individuals might want to get alongside more advantageous effective mutually with her if she didnt act like that.

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    8 years ago

    I suggest you kidnap him in his sleep and tell him he's being abducted by aliens, that should do the trick

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  • 8 years ago

    umm you realize your just using one big reference from doctor who?

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