Am I the ONLY Man Utd fan that would LOVE it if RVP went to CITY...?

I'm not one of those silly United fans who think he's already ours. I don't, but..If he goes to United Brilliant... although, he'll end up like Saha, Hargreaves and Owen (on our bench). I don't think he's worth over 20m (and Rooney's wages) tbh... unless its performance related. He's had one good season, and people got carried away... but Didn't Berba have a blinder a few seasons ago..? now look where he is

However, he would easily fit in with us, as Chica, and Welbeck cannot challenge him, whereas... if he goes to City... it would be a hilarious disruption to already fragile egos, like Tevez... (as Aguero has 1st choice obviously written into his contract) and Balo

Can you imagine what would happen if the EGOS of balotelli and Tevez were kept on the bench in big games...? Do you think that RVP is too stupid tp realize that...? he would only sign if he was guaranteed a spot.. or 5h1t loads of money... but... i'd love the player congestion to increase at City... the more disgruntled players in their camp the better... it was the same when Chelsea bought the league... remember joe cole....scotty Parker..? LoL

i'm watching this and laughing ... while most United fans are probably worried. While all they should really be wrrying about is Bayern, Real, Barca.. or another big European club getting in before us... not City..

RVP will cause city more problems than he'll solve at City... he's no Rodwell... you can't just buy him and bench him to stop United getting him☺...If its money (like Nasri) he'll go to City, if he wants to challenge for the title while actually PLAYING... he'll go Man Utd... if he doesn't wanna upset the Gooners too much (like Henry) he'll go abroad... simple. And if he wants to remain the biggest fish in the tiny north london pond.... he'll stay...a prisoner...just waiting to be given a number

can't wait to see where he eventually goes though☺


Enjoy the lesson... I have no idea where he'll end up (to those not smart enough to pick out what i'm really saying) but yes, i would like him at United


Bill cheers... but I don't mean I want him to go there, but that i'd LOVE to watch them implode with too many players (especially high profile ones i.e. NOT Rodwell)

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    Look, in the words...or should I say lyriscs of public enemy, dont believe the hype. Remember the press in febuary, all of em, insisting persie had signed a deal with city for 220,000-250,000 a week. And then 4 months later, city have backed out of the deal.

    And you seriously believe ferguson went all the way to london, to ask Wenger to sell him persie?...even though, united landed him in it nearly a year ago after his side destoryed the gunners 8-2? And you think wenger will do him a favour by letting him go for under 25? And that man united have jumped from a reported 13-15m offer, to 22? Sorry, its a load of rubbish. All the papers were claiming persie was spotted house hunting in manchester 4 weeks ago and hes still hasnt gone. Sorry, but these reports are stupid. Fergie knows what its gonna take to get the ridiculously high bill

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    8 years ago

    I'm not a Man Utd fan. I think Van Persie would be a good signing for Man Utd, but after learning about the money Arsenal want, and a reputed wage of £220,000 a week!!!?, I think Man Utd would be better off looking elsewhere, or just waiting 'till the end of the season when they can get him for free (though I still don't think he's worth anywhere near the wages that are being talked of).

    Van Persie is good, but is he that good? I agree with you, he has had one brilliant season. Is he really worth that much money with his injury record, and dare I say, suspect temperament?

    Signing yet another top striker for Man City who expects to play every game, would cause nothing but trouble. I know where you're coming from.

  • pippin
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    4 years ago

    RVP in United with Valencia,young and Nani in the wings and Rooney enjoying in the back of with Kagawa offering aid will also be lethal. City lovers is not going to admit it , however they're scared.But city nonetheless have one thing that was once the difference between them and us final season,the man named Yaya Toure.He's type we have obtained to accept it.We ought to hope that Toure's profession is on the downward spiral this season. EDIT: few days in the past a metropolis fan was once pronouncing we cannot buy any one.However now some f them are pronouncing we r buying d league.Hypocrisy thats what it is lol

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    RVP wouldn't cause problems at City. And for the amount of money City would happily pay him, he would be more than happy to sit on the bench. Do you remember when all the United fans said that Tevez coming back would make the team implode? How did that work out?

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  • Best striker in the PL.

    Keep fit and he'll score and create more than Rooney. Rooney is a class player but RVP has more ability, e.g better technique, better passing and general ball control, better at striking the ball.

    Injuries have just hindered his career.

  • Ash F
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    8 years ago

    City won't try to sign him. They have too many strikers as it is.

  • 8 years ago

    Prob not

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    vpersie is better than rooney and so is podolski

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You probably are.

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