Why do I hate dancing so much?? Could I have a phobia?

A while back I went to a leadership camp where we held a dance during the third night there. It was honestly one of the worst experiences ever. I've had awkward and bad experiences with dancing in the past, so this time I just did not want to dance at all. I was really really uncomfortable and was just wishing for the dance to end. I even started to get watery eyes from how uncomfortable I was. I also was having pretty bad anxiety. I had to deny like 5 pretty girls who had wanted to dance with me.

Could I be phobic to dancing? Why do I feel like I'd be no good at dancing? Don't get me wrong, I'm physically and mentally tough, but I just have such a weakness about dancing. Why is this?

Thank you...

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  • Marina
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    8 years ago
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    Ah, me too :(

    My bf loves to dance, and since I can't everytime he asks me too I get this terrible feeling in my stomach and when he's trying to teach me I get so frustrated because i feel like I have no hand-eye coordination... I just cant focus. And I get so embarrassed and I give up easily but he's very patient.

    I don't think it's so much a phobia but more like its just you're scared to even try now that we're older, considering a lot people start improvising when they were young. For the fear of feeling or looking stupid, there's that anxiety of appearing less experianced than others. And then if you don't do it enough of course you look stiff and rigid and the fact that when you move your own body as you see others doing it, you yourself feel so strange doing it, because you're stepping out of your comfort zone and moving your body in ways that you don't neccisarily do. It's really hard to get comfortable with it.

    But I guess in order to learn we have to get over our "fear".

    Wish you good luck and hope I helped, I owe my bf a dance on his birthday which is in a couple days... ._.

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  • ardaly
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    4 years ago

    No, do not again out, you can harm your pal's emotions. It is her day and as every body else has stated, she'll be the core of awareness, now not you. Maybe take a couple of dance courses earlier than the marriage ceremony, that can spice up your trust. Otherwise, ask upfront if there may be some thing you'll be able to do to support out in the course of the reception, then simply dance the only dance with the exceptional guy. Best needs.

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