What would you do with a computer in your pocket?

Everyone who owns an iphone or Android smartphone has a computer in their pockets. Moreover, a networked computer with a camera, GPS, and accelerometer which can measure falling, and even a magnetometer or compass to find your way.

Millions of people have these. This being the case, how can this technology revolutionize the world, beyond merely people 'liking' something, or sending out meaningless tweets, or taking stupid pictures in front of a mirror?

Sure, the light bulb let people read at night, but it also meant factories could work after the sun went down. Likewise, the invention of refrigerators meant people didn't have to buy their food everyday, but it also means you can drink milk from hundreds of miles away.

So the smartphone is a mobile, networked computer with a microphone, camera and GPS. In the pockets of millions of people. In what ways do you think this will revolutionize the world, just like the light bulb and refrigerator did?

How will smartphones change the lives of millions of people and make life better off?

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  • A!
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    8 years ago
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    dont spread it around that smartphones are useless at doing anything useful,they were made purely for the consumer society to keep it going by providing jobs for china,korea etc and for the people in the west to spend there wages on and fashionistas to pose with and just think of the pollution they will cause 12 months or so after when all of those lithium batteries etc will find there way into landfill or may i say parceled up and shipped back to china to be broken down and sorted ,the poisonous parts destroying the east and its peoples.and next week there will be some other electronic gadjet/game to continue the consumer children toy craze that adults can now join in on.So how many of you are eco warriors?

  • johnm
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    8 years ago

    It is like everyone has the knowledge of the world anywhere they are. So there is little excuse to claim they don't know something- they can just look it up quickly. Things like finance, services and goods are available at any time of day from anywhere in the world. This gives people a chance to sell their ideas, goods, or services to a local or worldwide market.

    The camera can display not only vacation pictures, but goods, medical images could be sent to distant specialty doctors, the GPS can locate lost people, guide travelers to their destinations, and work with the online data to pull up local restaurants, stores, and shops.

    The smartphone can play entertaining games, music, and videos, creating a market for media that wasn't available before.

    Basically, the smartphone makes the world a much smaller place, one where people have the opportunity to compete more equally than ever before. On the down side, if you don't use one, you will be at a greater disadvantage than ever before.

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  • 8 years ago

    Instantaneous communication, anywhere.

    The results of this are infinite, as communication is the MOST IMPORTANT medium, and is the essential idea of human interaction. If not , the meaning of life as we know it.

  • 8 years ago

    rapid communication and access to information

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