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Can a 3 day old baby fly on a plane unaccompanied..?

I want to see my granddaughter but the parents say they are too busy so could the child fly alone?

They are being very rude and are saying I will have to come to them, so if I bought a ticket can I force them to send the child on a 4 hour plane journey on her own to see me?

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    This would be the same three WEEK (in one post) 4 WEEK old (Different post) that you pierced the ears of without parental permission right? Are you that bored? If you are going to actively troll you could at least decide on an age and stick to it.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    A 3 day old, apart from their parents?? UM VERY RUDE. Do you really think they have time to just fly to another place, they just had a baby, geese. Go to them if you want to see the baby, or are you "TOO BUSY?"

    a 3 day old cannot fly even if they are not alone.

  • Sawyer
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    7 years ago

    No, an airline will not accomodate a 3 day old child. If they would, you still cannot force parents to do anything with their own child. And it is rude of YOU to expect them to part with their brand new baby for any reason at all.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Of course you can force them to, how selfish of them to not want to send their child away on her own. As far as I can see the logistics of it are this first you'll need a birth certificate so you'll need to nag the parents to make an appointment to get the birth registered of course when I did my little girl last year I had to wait 2 weeks for the appointment then you need to apply or they need to apply for the passport which takes at least 7 days for a first application oh and you need the passport number to book the plane ticket. So first things first you are going to have to invent a time machine to fit all that in lol.

    Source(s): Can't believe anyone took this seriously.
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    Oh yeah! And it is likewise completely tremendous to have the relatives dogs babysit him jointly as you bypass out to the bar too! Are you freakin' kidding me?! you're the two the international's greatest undeserving, fool mom, or a loser troll who thinks they are very humorous. I genuinely have a feeling that's the latter, yet i'm in simple terms no longer seeing the humor in this. Making jokes with regard to the mistreatment of young infants does not particularly fly with me (pun meant).

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    not a chance. arnt you being very rude by asking new parents to come to you so you can see their baby??????

    forgive me if im wrong here, but shouldnt you be visiting them???

  • 3 day old baby flying alone? LOL are you a retard or just suck at trolling? WOW....

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    Whoa!!!! Someone's trolling hard today!

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