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What do I do now, help?!?!?

I don't know what to do. I'm 15. And my parents have been arguing pretty consistently for the past year. Oftentimes, I'm not sure if they're together or not. Anyways, it seems that they have finally decided to split up. And they want me to decide on with whom I want live. I say I want to live with my Dad, but really, I don't want to live with either of them. I hate them both.

My Mum doesn't care about me,she only talks to me when she needs me to do something for her, or when she's shouting at me. For the vast majority of time we just co-exist. And in reality she is to blame for the basis of the arguments (from what I overhear, they don't actually tell me anything), she cheated on my Dad three times within the past 11 years. Quite frankly, we have NEVER gotten along and I hate her. She doesn't care when I get good grades and she doesn't attend my award ceremonies. (My Dad does, and he congratulates me)

On the other hand, I sometimes get along with my Dad. But he's kinda violent sometimes. I mean, he's really intimidating when he's angry and he leans over you and shouts in your face. He hits my sisters and shouts at us. It really upsets me when he says things to us like 'I might as well leave' or 'I should just kill myself shouldn't I?' and things like 'You all just use me' and 'You're just like your mother'. I'm worried about one of my little sisters (10 years old) she cries all them time, gets bullied in school and my parents don't help. My Dad calls us names like '*****' or other not nice things.

At the moment I'm feeling kind of detached, so this doesn't seem very 'real'... But it really upsets me, and I don't know what to do. Sometimes I just want to run away,but I'm worried about my siblings (brother - 14, sister - 10 and sister - 7), or kill myself but I'm too much of a wimp. I don't talk to anyone, I'm pretty anti-social, and I just don't see a better life anymore.

I could go on for days, but this is long, and no one cares or will answer anyway.

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    Ok, well honestly. I dont know why, I'd chose your mother. I know you said she's the reason why this is all happening. But maybe she's just seriously unhappy in her relationship with your father. Maybe if she was releaved of that pressure, she could concentrate on what matters more, her children. And she shouts at you allot, maybe it's because she's under so much pressure? And that she only talks to you when she needs sth from you, you can talk to her about it right? You're her child, not her servant. Honestly, your dad might do those things, but in the end so can anyone and still not care. If he's intimidating you, I wouldnt want to move in with him. Of course, this answer could be biased since my parents broke and my dad was also very intimidating, but my mum does shout allot too.. but still, my relationship to my mum seems to be better than the one between you and yours. Anyway, have you talked about this with your 14 yr old brother? He's close to your age, so maybe you can talk about it. Best of luck to you and your family!

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    DEFINETLY: cancel out suicide, please don't go that far its never the answer to anything, try and find a relative to talk to, reach a friend, a friends parent, If the name calling and yelling and such gets worse try and have a family meeting and just talk and discuss the main problem. About the bullying, talk to teachers, or tell your sister to stand up to them or ignore them and just walk away. If it stays worse talk to a counselor or teacher, write everything in a journal, write poems It could make you famous one day.

    (p.s.) I care, and hope things change!!!

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