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Questions about birth control? Antibiotics and timing?

I just started taking a birth control pill called Trinessa. I was told not to take any antibiotic medication because it can mess with the effectiveness of the pill. What I didnt realize until recently is that I also use an acne gel called Ziana which has antibiotics in it. Will this mess with my birth control even though it is just a gel and not a prescribed antibiotic pill?

Also, I was told I need to take it everyday at the same time. I was recently on vacation and didnt really have complete access to the time. So i took it "around" the time Im meant to take it, instead of exactly on the precise minute i was supposed to. So like 10:07 or even 10:15 some days instead of exactly 10 oclock. Will this mess with the affectiveness a lot or will it still be pretty affective?

Sorry if these questions have obvious answers! Im so new to it and just want to make sure Im doing my best to make it work the way it should :)

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    Not all antibiotics interfere with the metabolism of pills. Mostly, a skin gel would not be absorbed much, I doubt it would have a problem. However, that is a question worth asking with a simple phone call to your pharmacist. They would know if any interactions had been reported. Fridays is not completely correct. Antibiotics alter liver function enzymes and that can cause pills to be metabolized more quickly and be less effective.

    You are taking it SO MUCH more carefully than anyone I ever heard certainly do not need to time it to the minute. Normally, I would take it at bedtime, whenever I would brush my teeth, at whatever time that happened to be. Usually it was 10, 11, or 12.

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    Topical applications of antibiotics (such as your acne gel) will not impact on the effectiveness of the pill. The issue with systemic (swallowed) antibiotics is that there is a risk it prevents the absorption of the pills' hormones in the gut. There are no such issues if the antibiotic is applied to the skin.

    As for taking it around the same time, within 2 hours of your usual time is acceptable. This is even more important if the person is taking the so-called mini pill, which contains only 1 type of hormone, but TriNessa contains 2.

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    Topical antibiotics won't effect the pill. And you can take oral antibiotics when prescribed, you just have to take extra cautionary measures while you're on them.

    As for taking the pill at the same time every day, no one can be as accurate as taking it at the same minute every day. As long as you keep taking them as close to "on time" as you have been, you'll be covered.

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