Cell phone recommendation please?

I'm moving to UCF in August and I want to get a smart phone. I haven't tried out many carriers so I don't know which ones would have good coverage in the Orlando area and hopefully also in my hometown of Rockford, Illinois.

Plus, I do like to text and go on the web, so an unlimited amount of that would be nice. I don't speak on phones very often so I wouldn't need many minutes.

I'd prefer a no-contract phone.

I recently stopped using Virgin Mobile because my phone stopped working and at the time I wasn't using it enough to justify paying $70+ for a new version of a faulty phone. But that was a good plan at $25/month for unlimited texting and data plus a few hundred minutes.

At best I'd get a phone with a QWERTY keyboard, but that's not necessary.

I'd really like to minimize my costs on this.

Thanks for the help!

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  • 9 years ago
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    I don't think any carrier will let you get a phone without a contract, no matter what phone it is. I know you want a smartphone that doesn't cost much, but if I were you I'd get the IPhone, because no matter what smartphone you get, you'll still want to get a better phone and the Iphone is considered o be the best. Try getting Verizon or AT&T because those companies are most popular and would have the most towers, meaning more connection and coverage. Or if you aren't willing to pay for the IPhone, get a driod or samsung because they are cheaper and are also considered to be one of the best smart phones.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Check out the StraightTalk phones in Walmart.

    www.straighttalk.com. You buy minutes once

    a month at the store. the web site has some deals.

    One package is $45 for 1000 of everything =per

    month. Minutes expire . Keyboard versions too.

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